My invoices F.A.Q.

My invoices F.A.Q.

With the free system, you can create up to 30 invoices per month. After this number, an invoice will be sent to you at the end of the month for each additional invoice created, for an amount of $0.50 per additional invoice.

You win before we win. The free system also includes somes reports:

  • Financial reports.
  • The possibility of managing reimbursed invoices.
  • A basic inventory system.
  • Tax management by item .
  • Total invoiced taxes.

By paying $129.95/month, you have right to create unlimited invoices, at this time you'll have more than 100 products by month.

You have the option of emailing your invoice to your customers and requesting payment online.

The terms of use are as follows:

  • To manage the management fees we ask to keep $0.75 per transaction + Stripe Fee.
  • Our payment processor retains the amount for 7 days to manage refund requests.
  • Following this deadline, the total amount minus the fee will be deposit directly in your bank account.